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Borys Hmyria's Fund

Ukraine and World

      Long since in the civilized world ukrainians are known as extremely musical, melodious, and from here and noble people. And for last 350 years all is humiliated, washed away and despised.

      In XX century the bright representative of greatness and nobleness ukrainians became Borys Romanovych Hmyria. He has glorified and improved all of us, He has forced the world to speak again about nobleness and musicality of ukrainian people, the ukrainian vocal school. He became national - He is ours. It became obvious in the beginning of 90th years, that we can't continue affairs of preservation and popularization of the inheritance of Borys Romanovych without powerful sponsor's support, because inheritance is too impressing on volumes and value for world culture. Then there was an idea to create Borys Hmyria's Fund.

History and preconditions of Fund creation

Ganna Prints
The Fund is registered on September, 24th, 1993, It was more ten years ago. Its founders are the ministries, banks, newspapers, the National Academy of sciences, the telebroadcasting company and Borys Romanovych's family. Ganna Prints is the president of Fund here already more than 10 years, she is successor of Borys Hmyria.

      As well as Nobel's Fund which is founded with the means received from the invention of an explosive, Borys Hmyria's Fund is created on the basis of the great vocal, epistolary and art criticism inheritance of the singer. So, the inheritance, instead of means, therefore as Hmyria as Shevchenko and Mozart was poor. But that the USSR has received net profit 1,5 billion roubles only from realization of gramophone records of Hmyria inside of the country, we could earn millions on the edition of disks, audio cassettes, multimedia disks etc.

      Firm "Melodiya" understood the importance of Hmyria's art and released milliard circulations of Hmyria's gramophone records. Reached funny things, but profitable for firm - "Melodiya" released a gramophone records where on one side there were lessons of English language, and on other side - Borys Romanovysh's records!

      By base of creation of Fund became Borys Romanovych's richest vocal and epistolary inheritance which is collected by his family, scientifically processed and kept in an apartment where he lived and worked per 1951-1969. The inheritance includes:

      75 opera arias, 545 chamber compositions; 85 fragments from vocal-scenic and symphonic compositions;

      300 ukrainian national songs and romances, 179 russian songs and romances, 120 compositions of the western national and classical music, 30 broadcasting concerts from different concert halls of the former USSR, numerous interviews on radio and in press;

      Vocal cycles: “Winter way” F.Shubert (24 compositions “Songs and dances of death” M.Mussorgsky (4 compositions); “Persian songs” A.Rubinshtein (12 songs); “Five-day week” D.Shostakovich (5 compositions).

      The scientifically-creative inheritance: 150 manuscripts of popular scientific and creative articles; 8 diaries during 1939-1969, in total of 1865 pages; 7 thousand letters of B.Hmyrya and to him, In which both the singer, and connoisseurs deliberate about purpose of high art; 2,5 thousand musical sheets, partitas with marks and corrections of the singer during work with compositions; documentary photographs, documents of labour activity, poster, program of concerts, personal things of the singer etc, totally 10 thousand exhibits. Movie “Naimychka” where leading role ot Trophim has played and has sung Hmyria, and 25 thousand meters of a movies where Hmyria is is taken off in roles with known art workers and scientists, on rest, etc.

       The apartment is kept in that kind in which it was during life of the well-known singer. The purpose of creation of Fund is all-round assistance to development in Ukraine a democratic civil society and a lawful state, development of the Ukrainian national culture, systematization and research of the vocal inheritance of B.R.Hmyria.

Purposes of Fund creation

      The basic purpose of Borys Hmyria's Fund creation was to sort, store and inform up to the future generation of Ukrainian people big spiritual and art inheritance of the genius of singing, his idea, meditations about purpose of high classical art, to tell about his humanity, about not exchanged love to Ukraine, the big and instructive love for all generations.

Basic purpose of Borys Hmyria's Fund

  • Creation of “Borys Hmyrya's Memorial musically-educational complex”;
  • Establishment of the state grant of name of B.R.Hmyria for the best students of creative high schools of Ukraine;
  • The full edition of the vocal and epistolary inheritance of B.R.Hmyria;
  • conducting of scientifical-creative researches and the publication of books, monographies, brochures, etc. about Hmyria's life and creativity
  • conducting of scientifical-practical conferences, symposiums‚ discussions‚ conferences‚ seminars‚ exhibitions‚ trips‚ exchanges, broadcasts and telecasts about B.R.Hmyria's life and creativity;
  • The organization of the international competition of vocalists of name of B.Hmyria.

Deputy of Ukraine Borys Olijnyk (third from the left) and the president of Fund Ganna Prints on Borys Hmyria's tomb (Baikovoe cemetery) in days of celebrating of the 100 anniversary of the great singer (August, 5th, 2003)

Activity of Fund for 10 years

  • the art picture album-calendar “Borys Hmyria - 1997” is published;
  • 83 articles about questions of functioning of Fund and B.Gmyria's life and creativity are published;
  • 250 music compositions in B.Hmyria's execution are restored;
  • 8 audio CD and 5 audiocassettes with records of songs of B.Gmyria is released;
  • It is prepared for printing: monographic editions: «Hmyria and Shostakovych», «Vera Hmyria», «Hmyria's Shevchenkiada»;
  • in 2003 year the collection of notes is released «Romances and the Ukrainian national songs from Borys Hmyria's repertoir» (Publishing house "Musical Ukraine");
  • to the 95 anniversary from the date of Borys Hmyria's birth the movie "Borys Hmyria in "Selected by time" cycle" is created (UTN, director Nikolay Maschenko, main consultant Ganna Prints;
  • Musicales "Listen to Borys Gmyria" were spent in apartment;
  • Creative evening took place in the House of Scientists To Borys Hmyria's 95 anniversary;
  • Tens broadcasts and telecasts both for listeners of Ukraine and for foreign listeners, including on the air are hold;
  • B.Hmyria's apartment has visited from above 13 thousand admirers of talent of Borys Romanovych;
  • The International competition of vocalists of name Borys Hmyria has passed;
  • The project of the musical center of Borys Hmyria in Kiev is developed;
  • Necessary materials are prepared and actions on celebrating the 100 anniversary from the date of B.Gmyri's birth are developed;
  • Together with National Bank of Ukraine the anniversary coin to the Borys Hmyria's 100 anniversary is released;
  • With publishing house "Postage stamp of Ukraine" The commemorative postage stamp and envelope to Borys Hmyria's 100 anniversary is released;
  • The fund initiated money raising on monument to Hmyria from Ukrainian people in Kiev and for restoration of manor, for erection of a monument in Lebedyn;
  • The management of Fund achieves creation of a musical front room or the cultural-musical center in Borys Romanovych's apartment;
  • The Fund closely cooperates with scientific employees and students of vocal faculty of National musical academy. So, for example, the book “Hmyria and Shostakovych” is written in the co-authorship with Marina Davydovna Kopitsa and it is completely ready for printing
  • The unique materials necessary for monographic research “Pavel Muravsky. A Phenomenon of one life" have been given to professor Olga Bench;
  • Some students of vocal faculty have received six disks with Borys Romanovych's records for free, students also constantly work with musical library of Hmyria;
  • The Fund cooperates with various encyclopedias, dictionaries;
  • in 2004 articles are sent to be printed: “Shevshenkiada of Borys Hmyria” for musical dictionary T.Shevchenko, it is devoted to the 190 anniversary from the date of his birth, and also "Shevchenkiada of Borys Hmyria in Petersburg" (collection of articles St.-Petersburg).

       The Àund plans to become such public structure as in Sweden Fund of Nobel, and the mortgage to this is Borys Romanovych's legendary name.

© Ganna Prints, Nataliya Tsymbalista

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The house of scientists, Kiev. The evening devoted to Borys Gmyria's 95 anniversary, narrators are Vladimir Yavorovsky and Ganna Prints

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